Digital Marketing: 5 Trends to Grow Your Business in 2020

It’s time to review your previous digital marketing strategies and to figure out what worked, and what didn’t. Here are 5 digital marketing trends to grow your business in 2020.

1. Instagram Stories

The story format has started on Snapchat in 2013. While that format was starting to gain in popularity, it became massively popular in 2016 when Instagram integrated a similar feature to their app.

From there, lots of apps and sites started to release their story features.

This new format is being massively used and keeps getting more and more popular. On Instagram itself, stories are viewed by 500 million users daily according to the Search Engine Journal.

Stories are very effective because it’s very easy to consume and interact with stories without having to exit the autoplay, making it an extremely popular and followed content source.

The ease of use is making them for sure a major marketing trend for 2020 and even the years to come. Most Instagram updates bring more features to Instagram Stories, showing that it is a priority for the company.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts have been rising in popularity recently. 32% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. Podcast listeners tend to be more educated than average and they are more likely to follow brands and businesses on social media.

Podcasts are not as searchable and discoverable as a YouTube video. But it’s a platform used by more engaged users that are more likely to already know you and that want to get deeper into your brand.

The listening time is a lot greater than the average watch time on YouTube (which means that it is more likely that people will hear everything that you have to say), and users are, on average, more engaged and sensitive to call to actions than on YouTube.

Podcasting is the best way to give a more in-depth view of your brand. It is also easier and more practical to create than a video as the editing process is shorter and the files are a lot lighter.

The one great thing about podcasts is that it can be repurposed super easily. From a one-hour podcast episode, you can film it and have videos for YouTube, clips for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and some quotes for your Twitter.

Many famous marketers always recommend starting a podcast because it’s a very effective and useful trend.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around for years now, but it’s a classic trend. So it’s time to start implementing a content marketing strategy as we’ve seen from several brands and entrepreneurs that it just works!

Content marketing takes time and definitely won’t give you results overnight. Content marketing is like a marathon. It takes a lot of work but if you give up in the middle of it, you won’t ever experience the joy of crossing the finish line.

The key to content marketing is to publish a lot of quality content, and this content will find an audience and having people consuming your content regularly so that they understand your expertise and will instantly choose your products or services as a solution to their problems.

Content marketing requires a knowledge to share, a value that you provide for free to your audience.

More and more people consume content. 26% of US adults are almost always online And 77% of US adults go online daily. The global digital population is around 4 billion people, including 3.7 billion mobile internet users and 3 billion social media users. And these numbers keep on growing!

This makes content marketing a clear opportunity to attract new leads and to raise more awareness of your products. Don’t Forget. Content is King!

4. Video Marketing

YouTube has 1.9 billion users according to Statista. Every day, people watch 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube and generate billions of views! That not only means that YouTube is a key platform to distribute content, but that video is a quite powerful and popular trend.

And because the video is very popular and pretty effective, many other platforms have started to implement video too such as Facebook or Instagram with IGTV. These platforms are pushing videos first because they know that that’s what people like and consume.

Therefore, by publishing a video natively on Facebook or IGTV, more people will see your video content, giving your more reach and more viral potential than a regular ‘static post’.

If you want to go further in the optimization, you can even start prioritizing vertical videos as a growing part of the users consume on smartphones. You can even create two versions of the same video: a horizontal video for YouTube, and a vertical one for other social media such as IGTV, Instagram stories, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc. So the video is an obvious choice for your marketing strategy in 2020.

5. Voice Search

Because of the rise in popularity of personal assistants and smart speakers, people are now asking questions orally to their personal AI. This oral question is then put into Google and the AI can pick the right answer to the question.

The difference is that searches are no longer just a bunch of keywords, but they turn out to become questions formulated in a natural language. Once the question is asked, Google may use the position zero result to deliver the best answer possible.

Many stats show that by 2020, approximately 50% of all searches are going to be made via voice recognition technology.

To start optimizing your website for voice search, here are some tips you need to know.

Make sure that your website loads quickly. This is also an important optimization tip for your SEO.

Try to have in your articles questions followed by short answers.

Simplify your writing style, making it closer to a spoken style. Keywords are still important and relevant, but people will use simpler vocabulary and a very direct way to formulate their questions.

Focus on local topics and results. Voice searches are mostly used for directions, open times, travel times and so on. By following that trend and by making sure these are information that you are providing, you should perform better on voice searches.

These trends will probably be relevant after 2020, to some extent. Don’t delay and start working on these now, because trends get saturated and aren’t as efficient as they will be right now.

The trends are changing pretty fast because the technologies and the online world are changing too. So take action now and create a new effective digital marketing strategy for your business.



I’m blogger, marketer, and writer. I love the useful articles and infographics. Discover more about me at my blog.

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john tsantalis

I’m blogger, marketer, and writer. I love the useful articles and infographics. Discover more about me at my blog.