Digital Marketing: Trends and Pandemic — How to Improve Your Business

john tsantalis
3 min readNov 2, 2020

All the businesses have been affected by the pandemic somehow. The same is for digital marketing too. But there are some new trends that you can use and improve your business during the pandemic.

1. New Shoppable posts

A new trend of online shopping is shoppable posts. These posts or videos allow users to buy products they see on social media. No need for visiting a dedicated website and searching for products there.

You see clothes or shoes you like in a post. You click on them, buy them with an attached payment method and you just bought what you like. Shopping now is very easy.

People love to shopping online and the pandemic increases this habit. Pandemic is helping a lot the online stores because people avoid going shopping in physical stores.

2. New Type of Entertainment

How can you advertise concerts or sports events with social distancing or lockdown? You advertise tickets for online concerts or sports that are transmitted over the Internet.

Because of COVID-19 traditional entertainment needs to follow social distancing rules. But new forms of entertainment appears. It’s online entertainment.

3. New Markets

This year (2020) 4 billion people for the first time had a lockdown order. Even World War 2 didn’t affect as many people. So many people were stuck in their homes needing similar things. We are all in the same boat.

COVID-19 has changed the market and the services as you know them.

4. New Ways and Relationships for Businesses

Brands were always looking for new ways to improve relationships with their customers. They need to become a more friendly and trusted business.

The pandemic has changed the habits of people. It’s very important to focus on emotions, not only on raw data.

How to Improve Your Business During The Pandemic

  1. Help Your Customers

Helping your customers shows that you’re sensitive to what’s going on. Many physical movements have been restricted and many people are forced to work from home. Tell your customers that your operations and services to them won’t be affected by the pandemic. Help them and gain their trust.

Assure your target audience that you’ll be there for them!

2. Create More Content

Create more content and make sure some of your content addresses key questions your customers might have as they go through the pandemic.

Helpful content will give you a great advantage. You help and support your customers and win your competitors. It’s important to create new opportunities for tomorrow. Winners always love the future, not the past!