Small Business Tips: 6 Reasons Why Customer Experience is Your Big Advantage

john tsantalis
3 min readFeb 10, 2021

Small businesses are facing many challenges these days. Many small business owners view large brands as big dangerous competitors and they don’t know how to win the big brands and how to get more customers. But there is a pretty effective opportunity to win any big business or brand if you act now.

Here are some reasons why customer experience is your big advantage

1. Customer Experience: Why Is A Huge Advantage

Many stats show that customers prefer the experience they had with small businesses over those with large brands. This fact should not only give small brands confidence but also small business owners need to rethink how they can engage and satisfy their customers.

2. Advantages of Small Businesses and Large Brands

As a small business, you have a huge advantage over large brands. 71% of consumers said they have a better experience with a small business over large brands. Also, 80% of those people rated their small business experiences as either “good” or “very good” overall.

Small businesses are better at personalization. Only 30% of consumers saying they haven’t received the responsiveness or personalization they desired.

Small businesses need to improve experiences and satisfaction for their customers.

3. Customers: Experience is A Big Priority

Many consumers say that customer service is a much bigger priority for them. 86% of those people stated that they are willing to pay more for a better experience. When customers have better experiences you will have long-term benefits for your small business.

Also, 57% of consumers said that they will like to leave a favorable review for a small business after a positive experience. (compared to a larger brand)

Exceptional customer service and buyer experiences are extremely valuable to your customers and your small business. (short and long-term)

4. Customers Expect Less from Small Businesses

82% of consumers said that they think a personalized experience is important, but personalization was not necessarily expected of the small business as it is with larger brands.

Nearly 60% of consumers say that they don’t expect small businesses to know their purchase history. So customers want technology solutions that are helpful for them when dealing with brands on and offline.

You need to invest in new technologies to help and satisfy your customers. You need to help and impress your customers.

5. Small Business and Competition

Most small businesses’ real competitors are other local small businesses that are doing a far better job. Knowing who your biggest competitors are enabled you to take action to be more effective or innovative than them.

Consumers prefer the customer experience that comes from the small business over the larger brand. So you are going to have a more difficult time competing with other small businesses.

You need to understand your customers and what means a great experience for them. So you can provide them what they like or need.

6. Customer Experience and Expectations

These days customers have more expectations. They want to easily find your brand or business online and also they want easy access to information about what you do and why you are better.

This is “messaging within marketing”. But most small businesses do not have the experience to write messaging that conveys what the customer is looking for or how to getting across that clear impression that opens doors to customer opportunities.

Important Tip. Be sure that you are outperforming your small business competitors on customer experience. This way you will easily be outperforming your big brand competitors as well!

Make your research to find more tips and techniques about customer experience and how to improve your marketing strategy.