Video Marketing: Mistakes to Avoid — How to Fix Your Video Strategy

john tsantalis
3 min readApr 28, 2020


People today use video to get their information. Many reports show that 66% of people would prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service, and only 18% would rather read a text article or blog post.

Attention! you shouldn’t start using video marketing just because it’s trending, effective, and popular. First, you have to prepare. Here are some common video marketing mistakes you need to know and avoid.

1: Long Video

When you’re creating a video, you might like to have too much information into your video content. But too much information is not good for your business videos. Many times long videos are boring.

Short videos perform much better. A video that goes for 60 to 90 seconds works best. Be sure to deliver your main message within the first 20 seconds.

2: Video Ignores the Needs of Your Target Audience

Publishing a video just for the sake of making a video is another common mistake that many businesses and marketers make. Before you write the script for your video, you need to think about why you are making the video.

Research your target audience, find what they’re looking for, and deliver that information through your video.

If the purpose of your video is to teach people about your product or service, your video should be educational and informative. If you want to get users to make a purchase, provide them the benefits of your product or service.

3: You don’t Have an SEO Strategy

You can’t just make a video and publish it on YouTube or your social media accounts and think that you will have success and sales. You need a lot of people to discover your video. This is why your video needs an effective SEO strategy.

Search and discover popular keywords and long-tail keywords. Use them into the title, metadata, video description, etc. Another effective SEO technique is to use attractive thumbnail images to entice people to check out your video.

4: Your Video is Too Promotional — Not Informative

Videos are a very effective way to connect with prospective customers, but remember, people need quality information and help, not promos. Your video should drive your audience to make an informed decision.

It’s important to grab their attention by adding value or solving a problem they are facing. Tell a story, touch their pain points, and let them realize how your product would be beneficial to them. Not only people will like your videos, but they will share it with friends.

5: Your Video don’t Have a Powerful Call-To-Action (CTA)

If your video doesn’t have a powerful call-to-action (CTA) leave your prospects and customers wondering about what to do next. When someone is curious about your product and realizes they need it, a compelling CTA will drive them to buy your product.

But if you don’t tell customers that they have to sign up to your newsletter, video channel, or provide them with a link to buy your product, after watching the video, they’ll just move on.

6: You don’t Use Video Analytics

Analytics can help you gain valuable insights to improve your video marketing strategy. If you don’t track them and monitor their performance you don’t know what works and whatnot. Check your content regularly to find out the types of videos people like and the ones they don’t.

Check the number of views, viewers’ demographics, and clicks on your CTAs. Perform A/B tests and look for any changes in patterns. Analyze the stats, comparing them with your overall marketing strategy, to ensure that everything is working fine.

Make your research, ask experts, and discover how to fix your video marketing strategy and how to avoid mistakes.



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